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MK-ČS spol. s r.o.

founded in 1992 by ZAO «Mezhdunarodnaja Kniga», Moscow.

Our company was founded in 1992.

25 years is a sufficient time which enabled us to become a reliable partner delivering Russian books and periodicals to clients and partners in Czech Republic and other European countries.

Having inherited the best from «Mezhdunarodnaja Kniga» we have enriched it with modern experience what enabled us to retain our position on the market of Czech Republic and other European countries during 25 years.

Our catalogue of periodicals has more than 3500 titles published in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and other CIS countries in a traditional printed version as well as 850 periodicals in «on-line» version.

Among our standing clients are libraries of all levels including national, government, state, international libraries as well as scientific and research centers, individual subscribers.

All the periodicals are delivered by Air Mail directly to the address of the subscriber.

If you intend to do business on the Russian market or markets of other CIS countries it is absolutely necessary to follow trends and developments in the economy, banking, politics, science and the competion in your branch.

A profound knowledge of the market is a necessity for the success.
You can find on our web site complete catalogue of periodicals with prices in Euro and order the title required.

We are at your service,

Sergey Yukanov